We scour European markets for “good buys” to refurbish and sell on for a profit.
Our product range varies, it all depends on what is available to us at any given time, and also what we can get at a good price. 
We will not compromise on quality, the technology we supply may not be the latest state of the art, but we do guarantee it.
We realised very quickly, many people were asking us for our advise (we have 35 years of IT experience) they wanted assurance that they were going to buy the right equipment specific to what they wanted to do.
Even then, they still got it wrong, being sold-up by shop assistants on commission.
We want that to stop,
tell us what you want to use the computer for? We’ll find a product that’s right for you, not for us.

We take second user equipment, many units are ex corporate, we clean and refurbish, we take the hard disk and erase, we load a clean, fresh and licensed Operating System.
Next we load the software you need; 
Anti Virus, Anti Malware, Safe Secure Surfing, Auto Backup, Disk Cleaning Utilities all legal and easy to use.
Our Office Products – Word Processing, Spreadsheets, Databases etc. are not paid for; Libre Office looks much the same as MS Office, acts the same and interfaces perfectly. All our software comes FREE for life, free upgrades, free virus definitions, free support..
so the PC you buy, you can un box and open the lid, switch on and start to work…
Our PC’s mostly come Windows 10 PROFESSIONAL.

Want to know about our village Frigiliana?

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