Certified Refurbished

What does “refurbished” mean?

We work to find used computers from all over Europe,we find the best candidates that we can give new life. PCs & laptops, our inventory, we delete all data, clean and prepare for sale. We take working machines from the initial user and refurbish/remarket/rejuvenate them, they are cleaned inside and out ready for use!

Does “refurbished” mean that the units were broken?

NO!! The refurbished products on offer are taken from a working environment (with permission of course!) in working condition.

Why are there more than one of the same product?

Our refurbished stock is graded and each one is different, we show each item individually with its own grade and Photos. This means you can chose which exact model you want. Our grades range from A – C. and show any damage in the photos by drawinf a red box around the ares. We also put text on the description of the item page to bring attention to something.

Why buy refurb?

There are many reasons for buying refurbished kit ranging from a business’s requirement for consistency in equipment to a savvy home user simply wanting to make their euro’s go that much further. The build quality on our refurb units is exceptional.

Why buy from us?

We do the refurbishing

Not only do we provide amazing value on all our products but you can be happy in the knowledge that we are actively pursuing a greener approach to the IT supply chain; in fact by buying from us you are reducing your carbon footprint when compared to buying new kit.

We have been in this business for years, so we are here to stay.

What comes installed?

Microsoft Windows 10 Professional unless stated differently in the items listing.

TV, Movies – Radio WEB Links have been placed on the desktop to access (all languages)
Browsec VPN – enables TV to work with any country
CCleaner – System optimisation, privacy and cleaning tool.
TeamViewer – Connect to remote computers, provide remote support.
Google Chrome – Browser for accessing the World Wide Web and running Web-based applications.
WhatsChrome – Google chrome extension Multi message service Whatsapp, Messenger etc
LibreOffice – Powerful office suite
VLC – Multimedia player
WinRar – Application to compress and extract files
IOBit Uninstaller – Scrub away Every Trace of Unwanted Programs, Plug-ins and Windows Apps

Battery life?

Batteries are tested and confirmed as accepting a charge, we cannot guarantee the battery life of supplied batteries, general rule for us, if it lasts for half an hour its good, if it doesn’t we replace with a brand new one and make a note in the listing New Battery.

What if I have a problem with my items?

Please contact us and we will help, please ensure that you have your order number and/or product details to hand to help us process your call or email quickly.

How do I contact you Online?

Click on the Contact Us button in the navigation bar.